The Power of Human-Centric Digital Marketing in the Era of Artifical Intelligence

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In the fast-paced world of transportation and logistics, technology advancements are seemingly boundless. Artificial intelligence (AI) is now present in every industry, and it can definitely benefit your digital marketing strategy. However, there is an undeniable value in embracing human-centric marketing strategies created by people who have knowledge of how our industry works. In this blog, we will explore why your digital marketing shouldn't rely on AI. As a bonus, we'll share some prompts that we think AI tools, such as ChatSpot, are ready to tackle.

We know AI isn't going anywhere. In fact, it's only going to improve. But for now, there are some pitfalls that can do more harm than good for your brand. For example, Google prioritizes people-first content that is original and isn't a re-write of another piece of content. Some of your competitors are using AI tools to write content. If you follow their footsteps, your content is going to read like content that already exists and you could negatively impact your website's search engine optimization. You might not be plagiarizing by using AI tools, but you definitely aren't using a unique voice. That means you aren't standing out from competitors.

Keep in mind free (or freemium) AI tools:

  • Don't inherently understand your target audience or your buyer personas.
  • Can't fully grasp your brand voice. 
  • May not have access to up-to-date data or the latest news.

Rather than heavily relying on AI to run your marketing, transportation and logistics companies can benefit from a hybrid approach that combines the strengths of AI with human touch and industry expertise. By leveraging AI technology for simple tasks like generating meta descriptions, summarizing videos, and conducting competitor research, companies can free up valuable time and resources for human marketers to focus on your company's brand, creative marketing strategies, and navigating the complexity of our industry.

As drop & hook Founder and CEO Michelle LeBlanc states, "While AI tools are trained on a large language model, they are not being trained on YOUR language specifically unless you use it in the prompt itself." 

Here are a few ways that AI has proven to be valuable in digital marketing:

1. Generate Meta Descriptions: With HubSpot's Meta Description Generator, you can quickly unlock compelling SEO meta descriptions and page titles based on your pre-existing web pages. Whether you're planning to launch a new website or you want to revisit SEO on your current site, this is a useful tool that can save you time.

2. Subscribe to News Alerts: If you like Google Alerts, you'll love this feature! You can now subscribe to news from any company through HubSpot's ChatSpot tool and you'll receive email updates when news gets published. Following your own company is an obvious next step, but we recommend following your top competitors or aspirational brands as well.

3. Competitor Research: If you're conducting competitor research, ChatSpot can help. From identifying competitors to discovering podcast analytics and learning about what technology a company uses, AI is a useful tool that can get your competitor audit started. Additionally, a great way to quickly grasp a competitor's videos is to utilize ChatSpot. Simply share the video URL with ChatSpot and instantly receive a summary.

Here's an example where we asked ChatSpot to summarize a video from Sprout Social:

ChatSpot AI4. Sales Prospecting: With ChatSpot, you can now use AI to find companies that align with your target audience. Check out these useful prompts below, and start testing this feature today!

PropsectingIn an era dominated by AI marketing, the value of strong transportation and logistics marketing cannot be overlooked. The personal touch and expertise of human marketers are essential to success in this fast-moving industry. While AI can enhance some marketing efforts, it is the fusion of the human touch with AI technology that truly differentiates companies and drives long-term growth. Let's continue to embrace the power of human connection in transportation and logistics marketing to forge lasting, impactful relationships and secure a bright future for the industry.

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