Honor, Respect, and Your Employer Brand: Recognizing Military Appreciation Month in Transportation and Logistics Marketing

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Did you know? The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 673,950 veterans were employed in the private “Transportation and utilities” sector in 2019. That’s about 1 in every 12 employed veterans. 

Veterans possess valuable skills that are highly transferable to the transportation and logistics industry. They are trained to work under pressure, have a strong sense of discipline, and are experienced in working with diverse teams. By recognizing Military Appreciation Month, your business can attract veteran talent who align with your company values and help your business succeed.

May is Military Appreciation Month, which provides an excellent opportunity for transportation and logistics brands to show support for our military service members and their families. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it can also benefit your business by helping to build a strong employer brand and attract veteran talent that aligns with your company values.

Transportation and logistics companies that recognize Military Appreciation Month can strengthen their employer brand reputation by showcasing their support for military service members and veterans. This can help attract and retain employees who value companies that support our military, especially veterans who have served our country. Keep reading for simple ways to get involved.

How to Recognize Military Appreciation Month in Employer Branding

1. Create Campaigns That Show Off Your Values: Strategic digital marketing campaigns have the power to showcase your support for military service members and veterans. You can highlight veteran employees, pro-military initiatives, and how you're involved with the military community

drop & hook client CFI runs a campaign called "True to the Troops" that highlights veteran employees and showcases how the company supports military service members and veterans including truck wraps, a military apprenticeship program, and charity involvement. They also published an eBook to help veterans transition to a career in trucking.

CFI Professional Driver and Veteran Don W. poses next to his eagle wrapped truck.

2. Share the Stories of Your Veteran Employees: Military Appreciation Month gives you a great reason to celebrate veteran employees on your website and social media channels to recognize their service to our country and the valuable skills they bring to your company. Highlight their contributions and how their military experience has made them a valuable member of your team. 

You can create a social media template to highlight your veteran associates like Core-Mark, a drop & hook client. Or, follow drop & hook client Trucker Tools' lead and write an inspiring blog that shares the story of a veteran who found a rewarding civilian career in trucking.


3. Show Your Support of the Larger Military Community: Partnering with military-related organizations is a powerful way to show your support for military service members and veterans. Consider donating a portion of your profits to military charities or sponsoring events that benefit your local military community.

Not sure where to start? Wreaths Across America, another drop & hook client, offers a great opportunity for trucking companies to get involved with their mission. Learn more here


In conclusion, recognizing Military Appreciation Month in employer branding is a powerful opportunity for transportation and logistics companies to showcase their support for our military service members and veterans. By doing so, your business can attract and retain veteran talent that aligns with your company values and help strengthen your employer brand reputation. At drop & hook, we specialize in transportation and logistics marketing and can help you develop a comprehensive Military Appreciation Month campaign that aligns with your employer branding goals. Contact us today to learn more.
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