Hey Slacker, Your Transportation Marketing Community Is Waiting

Are you a slack user? As a fully virtual company, the drop & hook team relies on slack for real-time communication, collaboration, and irreverent gifs every day. When we heard that our friends at TMSA were launching a Slack community for transportation marketing and sales professionals we knew we needed to get on board right away! But we're not just in it for the lols. We're investing because we believe in the power of connections and community. And as we honor 100 years of TMSA, that is the essence of what we are celebrating—a unique value to sales and marketing professionals in the transportation and logistics industry—a true community of peers.

The fact is that many marketers and even sales leaders within this industry struggle to find mentorship or professional development resources within their own organizations. In fact, in a benchmark study conducted by TMSA, more than 40% of respondents reported working at enterprises with more than 500 employees, yet more than half of the respondents said their organization only had one full-time marketing employee in charge of digital, web and social media marketing efforts. And yes, with the right tools and resources, a single marketer can be very effective! But isolated employees are unfortunately often less effective in their roles. Meanwhile, a study published by Harvard Business School in 2023 found that "professional social networks 'may have potential benefits to companies, and not only to the individual,'" citing evidence of impact to innovation inputs and overall company value. 

By connecting with a community of professional peers both in person at industry events and online through LinkedIn, an industry Discord (IYKYK), or this new TMSA slack channel, these isolated individuals can access a whole host of benefits for themselves and their organizations.

Here's our quick top five reasons marketers should work to find a professional community:

  1. Knowledge sharing and best practices: By connecting with others in similar roles, marketing professionals can share insights, strategies, and best practices that have proven effective in their respective organizations. This exchange of knowledge can help them stay updated on the latest trends, tools, and techniques in the marketing field. Annual events like the TMSA Elevate conference are an excellent option for this, but online options offer the same benefits without the travel budget! 
  2. Benchmarking and competitive insights: Networking with peers in the same industry allows marketing professionals to gain a better understanding of the competitive landscape. What better way to learn than by looking at the strategies and campaigns employed by direct competitors? And in transportation and logistics marketing there are more than enough opportunities for marketers to identify similar brands which are not directly competitive, but which offer inspiration in identifying areas for improvement or differentiation in their own marketing efforts.
  3. Career development and mentorship: Connecting with experienced professionals in similar positions can provide valuable mentorship opportunities. Experienced marketers can offer guidance, advice, and insights to those who are earlier in their careers, helping them navigate challenges and advance their professional development. Just want to pick someone's brain for a minute about your social media career in trucking? Our door is always open
  4. Collaboration and partnership opportunities: By building relationships with other marketing professionals, opportunities for collaboration or partnerships may arise. This could include co-marketing initiatives, joint campaigns, or sharing resources and expertise on specific projects. Collaboration is the new competition! And this is especially true for freight tech brands who are turning to integration opportunities more often than ever to grow and reach their audiences. 
  5. Idea generation and creativity: (This one might be our favorite!) The best ideas often come from the intersection of unrelated topics, the places where converging interests meet, the spark of conflict and resolution. Interacting with professionals from different organizations and backgrounds can generate that spark, driving new ideas and broadening creative perspectives. Sharing challenges and brainstorming solutions collectively both online and in person can lead to innovative approaches and fresh thinking in marketing strategies.

So, are you sold? Sign up today at the button below and join us in the sponsored social media channel where we'll be answering industry questions, hosting events and casually connecting throughout the year! 


Not yet a TMSA member? What are you waiting for! Make sure to tell them drop & hook sent you by using our referral code Drop&Hook24.

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