Streamline Your Social Media Game With A Content Calendar

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October 6, 2021 - Most people who are using social media to boost their business can tell you that consistency is key when it comes to building followers, engagement, and, subsequently, customers. But coming up with a steady flow of content (and scheduling that content) can seem like a daunting to-do.

One of the best ways to take on that mountain of content needed to keep posting consistently is to develop a content calendar.

Start with the basics

The simplest way to get this project underway is to start with a list of commonly celebrated holidays. Go through the months of the year listing all the national holidays and others that are widely celebrated, like New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  

Do the research

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel; look for existing lists that include monthly holidays throughout the year. Compare more than one list to cover your bases and ensure that you’re not missing any.

Also, keep inclusivity in mind by including perhaps lesser-known religious holidays, commemorative months, and fun celebratory days if they fit with your brand. Some examples of light-hearted holidays that may be a good addition to your yearly calendar include National Pet Day and International Coffee Day. Most months honor a specific group of people or a cause, like Women’s History Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Keep it relevant

Don’t miss the opportunity to include holidays and events relevant to your industry. For example, some events relevant to the trucking industry include National Supply Chain Day and Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

Set yourself up for success

With a pretty comprehensive list underway, you can easily get started writing content so that it’s ready to go when the time comes. If you use a content scheduling tool you can add images and copy for every holiday throughout the year. Do it in batches and gather images as you go so that the process isn’t so overwhelming.

We also recommend saving this calendar so you can use it for years to come.

To help you get started, we created a 2022 social media calendar with a full year’s worth of social post ideas, including industry recognitions, holidays, workplace celebrations, and events.

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