7 Key Insights from the Latest Sprout Social Index for Transportation and Logistics Marketers


Earlier this month, Sprout Social released its 19th edition of the Index, offering a wealth of data and insights into the ever-evolving landscape of social media marketing. While the comprehensive 39-page report provides valuable takeaways for transportation and logistics marketers, we've taken the liberty of highlighting some key points that we believe you'll find particularly insightful.

Where The Sprout Social Index Gets Its Data

According to Sprout Social, the data in the Index comes from a survey that was conducted with over 1,800 consumers and 900 marketers across the US and UK to uncover the following insights. These findings reveal what both parties prioritize in today’s shifting social media landscape, where the gaps are, and how to close them.

Here are our seven biggest takeaways:

1. Receptivity to Businesses on Social Media

One of the report's standout findings is that social media users are now more receptive than ever to seeing businesses in their feeds. This shift highlights the growing importance of social media for businesses and their ability to engage with their audience effectively. Transportation and logistics marketers should prioritize their social media strategy, not step away from it.

2. Why Social Media Users Follow Brands

This insight can be valuable to your social media content strategy. The report states that 68% of consumers follow brands to stay up to date on new products and services and 45% follow brands because the content they post is enjoyable. Only 21% of people surveyed follow brands because they find alignment in missions or values. This is definitely something to keep in mind when creating social content in the transportation and logistics industry.

3. What Social Media Users Want To See From Brands

Your brand should take note of the following things that social media users want to see:

  • Authentic, non-promotional content
  • Transparency about business practices and values
  • Educational content related to the brand’s industry
  • User-generated content or customer testimonials

4. Social Media Is Not A One Way Street

The report emphasizes that social media is not a one-way communication tool. In fact, 51% of the most memorable brands on social media actively respond to users who engage with their content. Timely responses to comments and engagement are crucial for maintaining a strong online presence. Need help with community management? Contact us here.

5. Evolving Trends In Customer Care

As small marketing teams, a lot of us feel the weight of customer care on social media. But a new trend has started that you might be excited about. 43% of companies are proactively involving other departments in social listening and community management related tasks. Customer care shouldn't be the sole job of a social media manager.

6. Don't Fall Behind On AI Developments

You should already be experimenting with AI tools, but if you aren't, you need to get started ASAP! The Index reports that "81% of marketers say AI has already made a positive impact in their work." Whether you want to grow in your organization or stay competitive for future job searches, you should be familiar with AI tools and their capabilities.

7. Social Media Team Structures Are Adapting... Slowly

As social media platforms and customer care trends evolve, so do social team structures. There's no one-size-fits-all approach, but it's becoming more important for social media teams to collaborate with other departments. This collaboration ensures that social strategies align with broader business goals.


This report provides valuable insights into the ever-changing landscape of social media marketing, helping transportation and logistics marketers stay ahead of the curve and better connect with their audience. Want more? Download the complete report here.

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