Driving Authentic Thought Leadership: A Guide for Transportation & Logistics Experts

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Did you know? According to LinkedIn, 60% of buyers say thought leadership builds credibility when entering a new category where the brand is not already known. 

In the busy transportation and logistics world, turning industry experts into authentic thought leaders is crucial for brands seeking to enhance their influence and impact through digital marketing. Brands that do this successfully steer towards authenticity. Here's a roadmap to guide transportation and logistics brands in turning their experts into thought leaders, especially on social media platforms like LinkedIn, to achieve digital marketing goals while maintaining an authentic voice. 

Know Your Cargo: Find Your Experts

First, you need to find your thought leaders. You might immediately turn to your CEO, but first, consider Forbe's definition of a thought leader:

"A person who educates and influences others by offering unique perspectives based upon their expertise and experience."

To find your authentic thought leaders, pinpoint executives with expertise and experience in the area your brand needs to shine. Whether it's supply chain optimization, a truckload service, or cutting-edge technologies, identifying the right thought leaders in your space is the first step. Consider leaders who:

  • Value authenticity
  • Have solid expertise
  • Enjoy networking
  • Are passionate about industry news
  • Have unique perspectives
  • Aren't afraid of the spotlight
  • Might already have a personal brand

At drop & hook, we've seen our clients engage a wide array of individuals to produce thought leadership content ranging from sales leaders to product developers, safety and transportation managers, human resources professionals, and professional drivers. Consider that each individual within your organization brings their own expertise in their unique role.

Plot Your Route: Develop a Content Strategy

Craft a thought leadership content strategy that aligns with your thought leader's expertise and resonates with your audience. Share their unique experiences, industry trends, and foresight through blogs, social media, and podcasts. Consistent, valuable content will establish their presence and build trust among your audience.

In addition to social media (which is so important that we wrote a whole section on it below), consider co-hosting a webinar or writing a blog for TMSA, contributing to LinkedIn collaborative articles, sharing a unique perspective on a podcast like "WHAT THE TRUCK?!?" or "Everything is Logistics." You should also have a solid public relations team who can help your thought leaders provide quotes for our industry news publications like Freightwaves and Supply Chain Brain.

Use the Right Signals: Leverage Social Media

For thought leaders, social media is essential. After ensuring profiles are up to date, your industry experts should follow and engage with other thought leaders on platforms relevant to transportation and logistics including LinkedIn, Twitter, or even industry-specific forums. Be part of conversations, share your insights, and listen to the pulse of the community.

Are you having a hard time getting decision makers on board? Here's a statistic for you: 64% of buyers say that an organization's thought leadership content is a more trustworthy basis for assessing its capabilities and competency than its marketing materials and product sheets. If you haven't already explored thought leadership opportunities, this statistic is a solid argument for testing something new.

Drive Conversations: Engage with Your Audience

Thought leadership is a two-way street. Your thought leaders should actively engage with your audience by responding to comments, participating in discussions, and seeking feedback. Or, your digital marketing team can do this for them with tools like Sprout Social's Employee Advocacy. This interaction not only enhances credibility but also helps you understand the evolving needs of the industry.

When your thought leaders engage, they shouldn't be afraid to share challenges and lessons learned. Being open about their journeys fosters a genuine connection while humanizing their digital presence.

Need some inspiration? Here are some of our favorite industry thought leaders who share their insights authentically:

Measure Your Milestones: Analytics Matter

In digital marketing, data can guide you to your goals. Regularly assess the performance of your thought leaders' content, track engagement metrics, and adjust your strategy accordingly. Data-driven insights ensure you're on the right path and help refine your approach.

Developing authentic thought leaders in transportation and logistics through digital marketing is a journey, not a destination. By staying true to your expertise and embracing authenticity, your thought leaders will not only enhance their personal brand but also contribute meaningfully to the industry's collective knowledge. Buckle up, thought leaders – the road to authentic impact awaits!

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